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FIFA12, the game of the week in the AppStore

fifa12 FIFA12, el juego de la semana en la AppStore

FIFA12 may be one of the most anticipated games for the people and it has shown rising to become the game of the week for the iPhone.

Then you have listed the major developments of the game:

  • Achieve glory with your club in Manager Mode: players transferred, improves staff and continues to promises. Develop players and choose the best tactics to make your club the team to beat!
  • Real players, real teams and real leagues, including more than 22 leagues, 500 teams and 15,000 officially licensed players. Skip to field stars such as Kaka, Wayne Rooney, Gerard Piqué, Karim Benzema and many more. Since the English Premier League and La Liga, the German Bundesliga and many other ... Dominate your league and reach the glory in 32 real stadiums.
  • Busy day: taste the passion and power of the most popular sport in the world with unprecedented realism. This is the deepest football title and visually stunning. Experience the excitement of the field with your heroes, at any time, anywhere.
  • Play nice: with the new controls can handle the ball more accurately than ever before. Dominates the free-kicks and penalties with a total tactile control. Get in the game: the player moves 360 ° watermarks as realistic and based on gestures. Set yourself passes to break the defense, hit lashes, strip penalty Take on the tricks of the professionals.
fifa 3 150x150 FIFA12, el juego de la semana en la AppStore fifa 4 150x150 FIFA12, el juego de la semana en la AppStore fifa 1 150x150 FIFA12, el juego de la semana en la AppStore fifa 2 150x150 FIFA12, el juego de la semana en la AppStore

You can enjoy your iPhone FIFA12 4.99 euros by clicking on the link below:

464162545 FIFA12, el juego de la semana en la AppStore FIFA 12 by EA SPORTS
Developer: Electronic Arts Nederland BV
Price: EUR 4.99 (download application)

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Europe Sygic updated and temporarily low price

Do not have a GPS for the iPhone? Then you might want Europe Sygic, a GPS you can use on the iPhone or the iPhone and has also reduced its price to € 29.99 until 13 October.

To put more flesh on the bones, the browser has been updated today to add an interesting list of improvements you have detailed after the jump.

Certainly a great opportunity for those who do not count upon a GPS for your car trips.

306486840 Sygic Europa se actualiza y baja su precio temporalmente Sygic Europe: GPS Navigation
Developer: Sygic
Price: EUR 29.99 (download application)

New features in version 11.2 of Sygic Europe:

GPS Navigation Features professionals:

  • Dynamic Lane Guidance ™, mobile animation shows all the tracks and highlights where it should be
  • Notice of change of speed limit near the distance to where the new speed limit becomes effective
  • Visual notification when you exceed the speed limit

Fully supported:

  • Fully integrated iPod control
  • POI Import converter and points of interest in / poi
  • New Address correspondence assistant when navigating to addresses stored in Contacts for 100% of results

Safety and convenience:

  • SOS button / Help Menu - Information
  • Interactive map - Tap on any street, points of interest or a photo to highlight it, then tap the information box to choose the action
  • Avoid sections of the route - to navigate the map, touch on a road to highlight and select the action
  • Zoom buttons on the map is automatically hidden when browsing the map
  • Switching between the walk / drive by clicking on the arrow on the vehicle
  • Option to display status bar of the iPhone / iPhone


  • Icon status improves traffic navigation screen
  • Request a list of incidents on the route by clicking on the icon of traffic conditions, while on the map

Powerful search:

  • Google Local Search ™ (Google Local Search)
  • Navigate to Photos in the gallery or Panoramio photos shown on the map, without needing to know the direction
  • Quick Search ™ you are looking for everything from roads to points of interest, directly accessible from the map
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PES 2012 comes to IOS devices

After the arrival of FIFA12, its nearest competitor reaches developed by Konami: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

The main novelty of the game this season is the way "Super Challenge" that will allow us to create our own team by buying the best players we want.

Another thing that will appeal to users is that the game can try for free. From the beginning we have access to Quick Match patterns, overcome challenges, challenges and options. If we want to enjoy the exhibition mode, league, or laUEFA multiplayer mode, we have to buy the game via in-app-purchase for 4.99 euros.

Which do you stay this season? ¿PES 2012 or FIFA12?

460930780 PES 2012 llega a los dispositivos iOS PES 2012 - Pro Evolution Soccer
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
Price: free (download application)

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 Developer Center

itunes 10 5 beta 9 Apple publica iTunes 10.5 beta 9 en el Centro para Desarrolladores

Three weeks after the onset of the eighth beta of iTunes 10.5, Apple has released Developer Center Beta iTunes ninth 10.5 that will be necessary for those who are interested in trying the service iTunes Match.

The ninth IOS beta 5 is left on the road as well as the GM version of which remains unknown about a launch date and reliable. That if, on 4 October will be the key day to submit final versions of all software and services that Apple is developing and which are closely related to IOS devices.

Source: MacRumors

Facebook could present their Native App for iPhone next week

All the rumors are that the native application for iPhone and Facebook iPhone 2 will be released within days. Is it true and we, at last, an app able to access Facebook from the Apple tablet?

As if this were not enough, other rumors suggest that "Spartan Project", a facebook app store developed in HTML5 and accessible via Safari, you might see also light next week.

If true both rumors, where Facebook would announce these releases? Perhaps in the keynote that there is scheduled for October 4th ? Actually that would be the perfect place because, according to other rumors, Facebook, like Twitter, could be integrated into the new Apple iOS 5.

Will some of these rumors and next week will see the desired native Facebook app for iPhone?

If Facebook eventually launches its iPhone native app, will he do so with Google Google +?

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Infographics Tablet Market

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Curious graphics detailing the current market tablet. Did you know that the first tablet as such was designed in 1968 and launched its online Apple Message Pad until 1993? 17 years later came the iPhone , the tablet revolution ...

Infographic: The Tablet Market

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Here are the graphics:

infografia mercado tablet

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Games & Apps for iPhone Discount (September 30)

IPad iPad applications and games today, September 30th, are on sale in the App Store. Hurry! We do not know when will that price ...

Applications and Games iPhone and iPad 2 Offer

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