Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apple releases IOS beta 7 5 for developers

Apple just released a new beta version of IOS 5, this time to version 7.

As always and until the final release, but only for developers, so it can be downloaded from the web meant it.

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ING launches application for iPhone compatible savers

Many are those who, being familiar with the Internet, we hope our savings in a bank like ING, with few physical offices and having to manage many of the bank through the network or phone.

For this reason it was unthinkable until a few days, we did not have an IOS device application. But that has changed and you really have to say the wait has been worthwhile.

ING has launched an iPhone application to remove his hat: quick, minimalist and very well designed. With it we can carry out most of the steps such as looking at recent movements, make transfers.

We also have access to the location of ATMs and branch network, allowing us to know, thanks to the mobile geolocation which are the closest.

The application is free and that savers can now enjoy his efforts in the palm of the hand.

Available: App Store
Price: Free

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IOS5 Beta 7

Apple today released the beta 7 developers IOS betas breaking his record by version of IOS. This beta 7 developers can experiment with the implementation of icloud Storage in your applications.

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IOS 5 beta 7 now available for download

ios 5 beta 7 iOS 5 beta 7 ya disponible para su descarga

Apple just released in the Developer Center for IOS IOS seventh beta build 5 which corresponds to the numbering 9a5313e.

Accompanying this new beta version of IOS 5, Apple also released the seventh beta of 10.5 that iTunes can also be downloaded from the Developer Center.

Those who already have installed the fourth beta of IOS 5 or higher, you can upgrade by OTA. The actualicéis you have no Jailbreak for you will lose.

We will inform you of any developments that appear during the next few hours.

Thanks to all who have warned of the news!

Source: 9to5Mac

Does the design of the iPhone 5 revealed an icon of the beta of Photo Stream?

 ¿El diseño del iPhone 5 revelado en un icono de la beta de Photo Stream?

The latest beta of Photo Stream launched by Apple brings an interesting icon for an iPhone is much like the rumors that refer to a larger screen and a Home button larger (4 × 2 pixels on the icon) .

Apple is very careful with their icons and usually they have an unexpected level so it is very rare that Apple has placed the icon on any terminal by referring to an iPhone when it has never had such oversight.

img 0062 150x150 ¿El diseño del iPhone 5 revelado en un icono de la beta de Photo Stream? iphone5 mockup 150x150 ¿El diseño del iPhone 5 revelado en un icono de la beta de Photo Stream? screen shot 2011 08 31 at 7 21 14 pm 150x150 ¿El diseño del iPhone 5 revelado en un icono de la beta de Photo Stream?

Coincidence or actually at the track we were all waiting to start thinking about an iPhone 5 fresh start?

Source: 9to5Mac

Surf the net your way with the new browser Dolphin

Web browsers like Safari are small today, at least in IOS 4. While this tool was called "pioneer" at the time, is now almost the most outdated.

Opera at the time, or Dolphin now give more meaning to the mobile web browsing, in the case of the latter is presented to innovate Webzine (total integration with Twitter, Facebook and others), Speed ​​Dial (shortcuts " visual "to websites) and a series of gestures associated with different actions in the browser, as shown in the video.

Available: AppStore
Price: Free

If you only do it with gestures, cartoons and you have to jailbreak, you'll probably interested in other posts about how to create keyboard shortcuts , or you might want the writing "sweep" , that is, dragging your finger across the screen.

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Conquer Online arrives, Prime MMO for iPhone

noticia primer mmorpg gratuito para ipad juegos ipad 2 2

Apparently, NetDragon will soon launch a version for Apple iPhone-known game of Conquer Online, a MMORPG free.
If you like this kind of games, surely you do not mind receiving this news. NetDragon The developer is responsible for Conquer Online, an MMORPG already present in Mac and PC version will iPad soon and will be free.

As in most games like this, you will have a Conquer Online bunch of levels. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a completely free MMORPG on your iPhone!

Keep you informed!

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Giving away a copy of the game Mouse SPY

Click here to watch the video

August ended up dodging a copy of the game of the week in the App Store: SPY Mouse. To participate, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the "Like" or the "Tweet" at the top of this post.
  2. Leave a comment on the post. Supported only one entry per person and do not forget to write the e-mail associated with your iTunes account will be as Spanish where we send the application.

The draw will end tomorrow (September 1st) at 12:00 (Spanish time GMT). To choose the winners use the service and afternoon you communicate in a post the user's nick winner.

If you want to be aware of all the draws that we make from now on we recommend that you get our fan on Facebook or followers on Twitter as well you will learn the first of the latest news about the iPhone.

trans Sorteamos una copia del juego SPY Mouse Note: For Apple's policies, you can only give an application to accounts that belong to the same country. As our mind is Spanish we can only send the application to another account that also is Spanish. It's fine if you're from another country, you can create a new Apple ID to another e-mail and select Spain as your country.

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Sprinkle: Water splashing fighting fire fun! Putting out fires with iPad

sprinkle water splashing fire fighting fun juegos ipad 2 app store 1

Firefighters arrive and iPad iPad 2 to Sprinkle: Water splashing fighting fire fun! you be able to put out the fire in time? Come on, take the hose and shoot!

Sprinkle: Water splashing fighting fire fun! iPad


Sprinkle: Water splashing fighting fire fun! Is a fun and entertaining logical game based on the physics of fluids, where your mission is to fight fires that spread through the different screens.

sprinkle water splashing fire fighting fun juegos ipad 2 app store 2

Ready, set ... and get wet! Hop on your crane and shoot with your water cannon. In Sprinkle have to extinguish all fires using as little water as possible.

sprinkle water splashing fire fighting fun juegos ipad 2 app store 3

The inhabitants of Titan, a moon of Saturn, spend their days in their huts in harmony ... until the space tourists came to Earth and crashed in the rings of Saturn, brought a storm of asteroids fire that completely disrupted the peace . To prevent the spread of fire and threatening homes, the Titans have built a giant water gun. This will be your weapon ADVANTAGE OF IT!

sprinkle water splashing fire fighting fun juegos ipad 2 app store 4

Sprinkle Main features: Water splashing fighting fire fun!:

  • Gorgeous graphics, will give you the feeling that the water is real, is the most realistic water ever seen in an IOS device. This makes the game much more exciting and attractive.
  • Rain puzzle: Initially you only have to aim and fire to extinguish any fire, but soon the challenge is more difficult as players must reach the top of each puzzle before time runs out and you run out of water.
  • Variety of obstacles: Use the power of your water cannon to move the blocks of ice and rock, huge spinning gear and traps to reach and extinguish any fire.

sprinkle water splashing fire fighting fun juegos ipad 2 app store 5

sprinkle water splashing fire fighting fun juegos ipad 2 app store 6

OFCA TrailerSprinkle the of: fire fighting Water splashing fun!:

Sprinkle is a game you hooked, so do not miss it ... what are you waiting for download? Now available in the App Store.


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