Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Use iPhone 3G WhatsApp in iPhone 3G WhatsPad 2

WhatsPad is an application for iPhone and iPhone 2, pending in Cydia that will allow us to enjoy the fantastic messaging application which WhatsApp our iPhone iPhone question.

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One of the most popular applications for iPhone is undoubtedly WhatsApp, an application that lets you send text messages free of charge between devices with the same application. At the moment there is only WhatsApp iPhone version, but thanks to this application called Cydia WhatsPad, we may use or WhatsApp in iPad iPad 2 .

The application, of course, can only be downloaded if your device has the jailbreak been, and only works with the 3G model, both the iPhone and the iPhone 2.

WhatsPad requires no configuration, once installed will run smoothly, but that if visually impaired because it is a port of the iPhone version.

WhatsPad video application that lets you use WhatsApp in iPad:

WhatsPad has been developed by Lee28UK but is not yet available for download as it is pending in Cydia.

Once available for download will tell you.

Finally in WhatsApp iPad iPad and 2!

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