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360 Panorama: Great application for creating virtual tours

As all may know, with the help of some applications can use the iPhone for panoramic photographs in seconds. Well, this weekend, my friend Surfiky told me about the 360 Panorama, which goes further and allows us to take pictures as a "virtual visit".

For those not familiar with this type of photography is panoramic but with one caveat: we can move within them can see what is around us.

These snapshots are ideal for showing such stories we want to rent, teach our house to a friend who is far away or even put on the website of our business a virtual tour of our offices, bar, hotel, etc..

Its price is not bad, so take advantage and take it out all the performance this magnificent application.

Available: App Store

Price: 0.79 €

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Mobile World Congress in Barcelona stays

MobileWorldCongress Mobile World Congress se queda en Barcelona

Paris, Munich and Milan will be without the pleasure of offering an event that annually attracts more followers of mobile technologies: the Mobile World Congress. Thus, the event - of international proportions, will stay in the Spanish city at least until 2018. This was decided by your organization.

The event drew more than 60,000 people this year (increasing with respect to previous editions) and is a plus for attracting tourism to the city. Hence, countries such as France, Germany and Italy showed their interest in hosting this conference which brings together people from more than 200 countries.

Hopefully Apple will realize the great importance of getting the conference and have a presence on the issue next year.

Preview Podcast 17 of The iPhone and iPhone News

logo youtube1 Adelanto del Podcast 17 de Actualidad iPhone y Actualidad iPad

Tomorrow we will launch the iPhone Podcast 17 ​​Current and Current iPad. Stay tuned because we have been full of news, recommended applications and, of course, contests that will delight our fans. These are the contents:

- Latest News.

- Results of the Survey of the Week: IOS most used by users.

- Jailbreak with Gnzl.

- Competition: PDF Converter.

- Recommended game.

- What to hear from our Twitter followers.

Thank you for choosing us!

IPhone News & Events iPad away a copy of "PDF Converter"

14 Actualidad iPhone & Actualidad iPad sortea una copia de PDF Converter

Good news for all those interested in converting your files into PDF documents through the iPad. IPhone News, in collaboration with Readdle , tomorrow will launch a contest where you can win a free copy of this excellent application that lets you convert photos, contacts, documents, emails, websites and more in PDF.

The application is valued at 5.49 euros, but you can follow for free by following the instructions you give in the morning, 17 News Podcast News iPhone & iPhone. Very easy, simple and grand prize. Expands the news!

447444215 Actualidad iPhone & Actualidad iPad sortea una copia de PDF Converter PDF Converter - Save Documents, Web Pages, Photos to PDF
Developer: Igor Zhdanov
Price: 5.49 euros (download application)

Apple might be interested in buying Barnes & Noble

barnes and noble Apple podrĂ­a estar interesado en comprar Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is one of the major bookstores in the United States with stores located throughout the geography. However, the chain has also suffered the effects of global crisis and that is compounded by strong competition from the eBook, so it is not at his best.

On the flip side, we have Apple, with great liquidity in today and few know of the word "crisis". Well, the company would be interested in acquiring Barnes & Noble to reinforce the division of eBooks, the Apple store still has not shown great success compared to the competition. If confirmed the news, Apple would also become a giant of eBooks with a wide range to match.

Fined for sending SMS

telefono Multados por mandar SMS

Clearly the danger that a driver is driving, yet when put to send a text message. This is a growing phenomenon that goes on the rise in the U.S. and endangering drivers and pedestrians, so as has begun to punish with fines. But things could go even further: some cities are starting to fine pedestrians who are distracted by sending a text message.

Currently, in Pennsylvania, is studying the possibility of introducing a law called "Respect and be respected," which would fine people who are distracted by being on the street looking at his phone. Currently, there are no fines in the state but they are given a warning to people who do not pay attention to your surroundings. In fact, in some cities because pedestrians are fined $ 50 for being across the sidewalk to look and be glued to the mobile screen.

Apple bets on the bikes for their employees

apple campus ibike1 Apple apuesta por las bicis para sus empleados

Apple takes another step to become a green company and has begun to offer their employees bike they can use for free by vast areas of the company's campus in Cupertino. This way they can save gas and time traveling from one building to another.

Bicycles, which are aluminum, they are simpler and have built a backpack so that employees can put their computers, iPads or anything else you need.

A good move by Apple, while clever, since it is a sure bet to increase the performance of their employees, they will never lack for anything.

Source: 9to5Mac

Apple has more money than the government of the United States.

wpid Photo 31072011 1521 Apple tiene mas dinero que el gobierno de los estados unidos.

Surprisingly, Apple, has become one of the largest companies and richest in the world. So much so, with a cash reserve of $ 75.875 million, has more money in their coffers than the government of the United States, since the latter has a total of 73.768 million dollars.
These figures show how powerful Apple has become since the launch of iPhone in 2007. Because of this power that we have heard rumors of what Apple could do in the future.
Here we leave the main

  • Apple could buy a number of islands in the Pacific and establish their own country, where to live in it should pay an annual subscription.
  • Apple could buy from HTC, Samsung and LG together and in one stroke eliminate all competition to the iPhone.
  • Apple could buy Facebook for so finally fix the fail-chat that takes some weeks active.
  • Apple could lower iPhone to a single dollar in the world and so, really, kill the competition.
  • Apple could create its own space program and to found a colony on the moon, or you may call, Imoon.
  • Apple could buy Google Android and overnight everyone who said "Android is a sh **", commented how amazing it is now.
  • Apple could tattoo your logo on thousands of people giving free advertising, oh, wait, this already makes people free ...

Any others? We will present this list to Apple to see if we are lucky and have at least one years free Imoon.

(Thanks Jonhy)

Flick Rocket, the new shooter to Retro iPad

juegos ipad 2 flick rocket app store

Flick Rocket is a new shooter style and retro iPad iPad 2 is now available on the App Store, where you have to defend the town from an alien attack.


juegos ipad 2 flick rocket app store 2

We'll just have to slide your finger across the screen to mark where we want to steer the rocket to eliminate the maximum number of aliens.

juegos ipad 2 flick rocket app store 1

The game features a series of "power-ups" that appear when certain enemies are killed and a multiplier of damage from the rockets that will give us an edge in the game.

juegos ipad 2 flick rocket app store 3

More Rocket to catch Flick iPhone and iPhone 2:

juegos ipad 2 flick rocket app store 4

juegos ipad 2 flick rocket app store 5

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