Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apple Store in New York: the city's most photographed

"But look we're geeks!"

That's what I thought when I read the entry of our fellow ModMyi in speaking of an investigation conducted by Eric Frischer. And that apparently, by a count of photos uploaded to Flickr with geo-location has been demonstrated with a map showing the most photographed in New York, the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, is the most photographed in the city.

The most "hot" on the map corresponds to the most famous Apple Store. We do not know if the glass cube entrance, if your crystal stairs and location are the secret to so many millions of cameras photography. I'm beginning to think that the hub may have a kind of electromagnetic field that attracts both tourists.

The truth is that it leaves behind important monuments such as the Rockefeller Center or Times Square. And you, you did on your trip to NY pictures in the Apple?


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Cydia Applications | 3G unrestrictor

Many applications from Cydia are useful to possess at all times just in case we need them on occasion. On the other hand, applications like unrestrictor are almost vital if we take our phone plan "unlimited."


This application is relatively inexpensive when compared to prices of other applications around (it only costs $ 3). What the application does is allow us access to the 3G network for functions that the iPhone normally block, making believe that our phone network is operating via Wi-Fi.

In this way we can make Skype calls in the middle of the road or watch streaming videos while waiting in a room that has no Wi-Fi. One excellent feature is the elimination of the limits of 10 Mb into the App Store and iTunes, respectively, with the only thing that separates us from more downloads is just a few clicks.

What we expect to see on Monday at WWDC 2011, rumors and predictions

wwdc 20111 300x164 Qué esperamos ver el próximo lunes en el WWDC 2011: rumores y predicciones

As in all his events, Apple monopolizes the expectation of the national and international press and, of course, his supporters. It's time for a new World Developers Conference and the Cupertino company is preparing to unveil their aces up his sleeve in order to counter the stiff competition.

Amazon already beat him with a 5GB free tag that promises to be similar to what Apple has been planning and negotiating for months. It is precisely the new icloud (name confirmed by Apple a few hours ago) monopolize the most attention at this conference. It will be a platform to scan the songs from one of our devices and can reproduce in others without having to synchronize all the time with the computer. We are talking about a service that will require a large data transfer, making it unlikely to be free.

More after the jump.

Moreover, we look forward to the new IOS 5 and little or nothing we could know the new mobile operating system and a tablet from Apple. All forecasts indicate that we will see a new notification system (called long ago by a high percentage of users). What is clear is that the iOS 5 will have greater compatibility with enhanced hardware. We are talking of possible "iPhone 4S" A5 chip that will make our applications and, more specifically, games, to operate much faster. Of course, the iOS 5 integrate applications directly related to the new cloud.

Do you introduce the new iPhone? So far had little chance. However, in recent weeks has raised the alarm on several websites that claim to present an improved iPhone 4 internally. If so, Apple obviously would present his iOS 5 in the new mobile. Moreover, these dates are the ones chosen by Apple to introduce a new mobile, so ... why not?

Will iOS 5 integration with Twitter?

Screen shot 2011 04 19 at 4.21.23 PM ¿Tendrá iOS 5 integración con Twitter?

integration with FaceBook in an internal version of iOS 4

The latest rumors suggest that we have integration with Twitter in the next version of the operating system of our iPhones: iOS 5.

The new option would allow us to upload a photo to Twitpic, yfrog and others directly from the library like we do with the videos and YouTube now. You will have to login from the settings.

The internal versions of iOS 4 brought a similar option to FaceBook (as you see in the picture) which ultimately was not included in the final version. Will we see now? FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr ... What do you like to have on your iPhone?

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Nvidia Kal-El, the first quad-core chip Smartphones

 Nvidia presenta Kal El, el primer chip de cuatro núcleos para Smartphones

Nvidia has introduced Kal-El, the successor to the Tegra 2, it is a quad-core processor, say once optimized will be between 20% and 30% faster than current processors, in addition also will disable two cores, although reducirádrasticamente speed.

These are the technical characteristics of the Tegra processor 3:

  • 4 processors ARM Cortex A9
  • 12-core GeForce GPU
  • shared L2 cache 1 Megabyte

The new chip should go into production in August and can be used in both smartphones and in tablets. I leave you a video for alucinéis.

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Apple will open a new store near her prçoximo data center in North Carolina (USA)

apple NC datacenter Apple abrirá una nueva tienda cerca de su prçoximo centro de datos en Carolina del Norte (Estados Unidos)

Apple continues its relentless expansion and now know that it will open a new store in North Carolina (be the fifth in this state) who will be next to the data center that Apple will open throughout the year. This new building will house millions of terabytes company with information on all customers.

No doubt many of these servers will be used to store data from users who join the new Apple Cloud presented in 6 days.

Developers can not use Google Translate into their applications

Untitled 26 300x97 Los desarrolladores no podrán utilizar Google Translate en sus aplicaciones

Google has just announced that before the high demand for the service and the economic crisis (excuse appellant by companies in recent months), developers of applications that Google Translate included within them, they can not use this free tool.

From today, daily access is restricted through the application for the iPhone and to IPAD, limiting daily consultations. Google's mission is to stop offering the service definitively on 1 December this year.

Monster Hunter Hunting Dynamic arrive tonight to the App Store

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We expected the arrival of Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting the App Store in June, but the fact is that Capcom has been pretty quick to stop the development of the game because right now you can buy from the App Store in New Zealand. As usual In these cases, the game will be coming slowly to the other stores.

The game costs $ 6.49 (4.99 euros "), their control system is similar to Infinity Blade (drawing lines) and the battles are one on one. Do not expect online multiplayer game and only have included a co-op mode via Bluetooth.

monster hunter 2 150x150 Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting llegará esta noche a la App Store monster hunter 3 150x150 Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting llegará esta noche a la App Store monster hunter 4 150x150 Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting llegará esta noche a la App Store monster hunter 150x150 Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting llegará esta noche a la App Store

You will be notified as soon as the game is available for download on the App Store Spanish.

The iPad may have discounts of up to $ 200 Back to School promo

As you know Apple does in school entrance season some discounts for those who want to buy a new Mac promotion is usually a refund of the money it costs us the iPod Touch, being able to acquire free.

According to sources close to Apple in the next Back to School could have a discount of up to $ 200 in the iPad 2 by buying a new Mac. Interesting, right?

This promotion usually begins in the summer in the U.S. and even in Spain usually have to wait a bit to have it, if we see these discounts American territory, in Spain most certainly can enjoy them too. We look to tell what will this news, if rumor or success.


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