Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You can unlock your iPhone for € 4

Captura de pantalla 2011 04 18 a las 08.02.53 Ya puedes liberar tu iPhone por 4€

The other day I commented that you could buy a card to unlock your iPhone 4 for 16 € or so, as the card has now been reduced to only 4 €.

I know many of you are waiting for a release that seems to never arrive, so I recommend you keep yourselves in iOS 4.3.xy use this card, your data rate will work perfectly, we've already tested and works without problem.

It is a copy of the GEVEY SIM (a clone), and releases the iPhone 4 with all available and baseband firmware available (01.59.00/02.10.04/03.10.01), also do not need to do the jailbreak.

Works with all operators.

The site is trusted, I tend to buy into it, you can pay by Paypal, shipping takes 2-3 weeks, you can buy the card at the following link:

Unlock Turbo SIM Card with SIM Card Tray Holder for iPhone 4

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