Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teach your iPhone! # 17

logo sección ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17 Want to teach your iPhone? Do you have to Jailbreak? Have you installed any visual theme you want to share with us? Do we want to have to use your iPhone? If you want to appear on iPhone News only have to send us your photos and a short description to the email .

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Andrea Velasco iPhone:

 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Andrea Velasco wanted to teach her beautiful white iPhone 3G which has bought some speakers that simulate the aesthetics of the original headphones, but in size XXL.

The purchase of the iPhone 3G has seen the entry into the world of Apple is that our reader and soon after bought a MacBook Pro with whom she is very happy.

 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Andrés Orellana desktop:

 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Our reader Andrew sent us a curious picture in which we can see his desk full of gadgets on Apple among which we can distinguish three iPhone, iPad and a beautiful iMac with Magic Mouse and Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth.


Jesus Springboard Porra (theme: BlackUPS HD)

springboard1 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Quentin Quentin Springboard:

springboard2 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

spring31 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Thank you very much everyone for your contributions! Since we have already run out of material for future deliveries can not guarantee the continuity of this section so we remind anyone send us detailed pictures appear on the blog. Of course, you can repeat if you send us new things!

In our sister site "News iPad" will also publish a similar section but showing your iPad's!

You know, photos and descriptions to: .

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