Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rumors of new MacBook Pro

The rumors about the new MacBook Pro already circulating, even when the last litter is no more than two months of existence in the market. Rumors suggest that the next model will have a completely redesigned exterior.

newmacbook-110 208

Various sources indicate that the new MacBook Pro would come in 2012, and its comprehensive overhaul already under production in Quanta, Taiwan.

The last major upgrade to the MacBook Pro was in 2008, when Apple decided to update the line with the construction unibody. This new type of MacBooks will run from a single block of aluminum, allowing Apple to create a very tough exterior composed only of a piece.

Then Apple updated the MacBook Pro line this year, adding ls-end processors from Intel, the Sandy Bridge, and also adding the new port high speed Thunderbolt. But the external design of the new notebooks remained unchanged from that of their predecessors.