Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rip DVD to iPhone iPad MacX DVD Video Converter Pack

Applications to rip DVD and make copies of security of it in our computer or an external drive to it abound, so it is not difficult to find alternatives. The problem arises when we want to rip a DVD products Apple , since the amount of software dedicated to this is much more limited.


An excellent application that we have on hand to rip DVD from Mac, iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone is MacX iPad iPhone DVD Video Converter Pack. As its name implies, it is also a video converter tool.

On the other hand, when installing the application notice that also offers a number of useful additional features. One is the ability to specify the quality of the video we're going to rip or convert, so as not to unnecessarily stress the memory of our enabled device. We can also rip protected DVDs, transfer videos copied to a crowd of media and many other things.

IPad MacX iPhone DVD Video Converter Pack

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