Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monino, Clone of Super Mario iPad iPad and 2, and in the App Store

juegos ipad 2 monino

We very much surprised, but Apple has just adopted a game for iPad and iPad 2 in the App Store to Super Mario ... NAILED Monino.

juegos ipad 2 monino 11

In this funny game and iPad iPad 2 take control of Monino (AKA Mario) and we have to overcome many levels to save our brother (Luigi?) From the clutches of evil final boss (Bowser "?).

juegos ipad 2 monino 21

juegos ipad 2 monino 31

juegos ipad 2 monino 41

The resemblance to Super Mario meets the eye. We are confident that Nintendo will contact Apple to withdraw from the App Store Monino ASAP. If you want to try and download it and take advantage that we do not last long in the Apple App Store ....


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