Saturday, April 30, 2011

Know your IQ Test IQ with Dr Reichel for iPhone

Tests of IQ are a great way to hang out and have fun with our friends, who scores better comparison. An application that allows us to do this within our iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch is the IQ Test Dr Reichel.


While the results of this application are completely reliable, it is important to remember that to obtain accurate and precise results of our CI we consult with a professional, as the official test is carried out over several days to prevent a bad day disruption our results.

This application will allow us to get our CI, measured on a wide range of cognitive areas no more than 45 minutes, and also offers the possibility to test each individually.

The test consists of 70 questions that can be classified into 13 different categories to evaluate our memory, spatial perception and cognition.

Dr. Reichel IQ Test