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iPad iPad daWindci and 2, Another Must Have in Every Rule

juegos ipad 2 dawindci

daWindci is, without doubt, one of the most original and addictive games for iPad iPad 2 that are available in the App Store. What a surprise we've been when we have tasted!

juegos ipad 2 dawindci globo

daWindci is the typical game you install, test and can not stop playing. In it, we will captain the skin of a balloon and our mission is to direct it towards the goal using our fingers to create, among other things, avoiding drafts and countless obstacles that make life impossible.

The developers have taken care of every detail and we have a game with superb graphics, great music and a great control system.

A world full of magical instruments: colossal windmills on the horizon, an impressive hangar door behind you, wonderful wildlife around you. You are the pilot of a balloon custom, ready to explore the unknown. On your way: steep rock walls, wind tunnels, dangerous electric fields and a lot of incredible inventions. And always by your side, the wind that pushes you forward, it opens doors, heavy active levers, pushes you through the mountains and pushes the dark rain clouds approaching.

Dive into daWindci, where scientists and engineers make possible even the unimaginable. Create your own balloon from over 20 different designs. Embark on 45 expeditions in search of valuables and mysterious puzzle. You can paint the wind, hurricanes and lightning on the screen with your finger and make your balloon so browse through the puzzles of each level.

juegos ipad 2 dawindci 1

juegos ipad 2 dawindci 2

DaWindci Features:

  • Multitouch gesture control.
  • Soothing music, sublime graphics, innovative game.
  • Between 5 and 8 hours of fun.
  • 45 levels and over 20 design options for the globe.
  • 14 special missions (stunts).
  • Connect to Facebook.
  • Cooperative game mode.

More screenshots daWindci for iPad iPad and 2.

juegos ipad 2 dawindci 3

juegos ipad 2 dawindci 4

juegos ipad 2 dawindci 5

Video DaWindci iPad iPad and 2:

One of the best games for iPadand iPad 2 that we tested recently. You can not miss in your collection!

And what we discussed in the article title: A Must Have in any order.

Additionally, the game is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch so in case you do not have an iPad iPad 2, no excuses not to try.


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