Thursday, April 28, 2011

iDinoBook, a guide for lovers of dinosaurs

These days we have had the opportunity to try iDinoBook, an application available for both iPhone and iPad, which focuses on leveraging interactive education technologies touch devices.

Spanish origin, this application is to be a great guide book as a field that will help us learn interesting facts about dinosaurs.

Thanks to its intuitive interface can display information by selecting the filters in alphabetical order, by measure, by weight, seasonal and even feeding.

Photos and pictures of dinosaurs also completed more than 200 information sheets that will make us better figure out how were these prehistoric creatures.

A curious detail we liked was the inclusion of a comparative picture on each card, which allows us to check the size difference between dinosaurs and man.

Another thing we have available in the application is a map you can see how dinosaurs have been found in the regions mentioned. Finally, we have a questionnaire that will tell us what "jobs" we're on this topic.

The creators of the application are well aware how important it is to consider the user in the development process and ensuring that each update brings new features requested through the contact form you can find on your Web .

The truth is that we liked enough iDinobook and considering its price, 0.79 and 2.99 for iPhone iPad, we believe it may be a good option for those who want to know more about the fantastic world of dinosaurs.

Available: App Store
iPad / iPhone
Price: € 2.99 / € 0.79

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