Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Downloads from Safari Download Manager MobileSafari

Something that has been requested by users is the ability to download files without the interference of applications from third parties to MobileSafari. For this there is a correction to jailbreak called Safari Download Manager that does just what its name implies, is, this is a download manager .


This application works on both iPhone and iPod Touch as iPad. When installed you will notice a new icon in the bottom of MobileSafari, to the left of the tab selection. Touching it will open the download manager window, but first we need to be downloading a file.

Touching a link to a file that we want to download you'll notice that there will be some options to download to the default directory, select "Download to ..." start a dialog that will enable us to download to different directories. We may also create new folders.

This application can be downloaded from Cydia in the amount of U $ S 5.

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