Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Curious and Original Cases iPad 2, Super Mario Bros

Just as there was for the first generation iPad , the iPad 2 also has its Super Mario Bros covers. Mamma Mia!

fundas ipad 2 super mario bros 4

We are facing some original covers iPad 2 handmade to order, made ​​in cotton and inspired by the most famous video game characters in history: Super Mario Bros. The covers have some measures 26 x 21 cm and inside there are two sections, one for the iPad 2 and the other to keep what we want.

fundas ipad 2 super mario bros 1

fundas ipad 2 super mario bros 2

fundas ipad 2 super mario bros 3

IPad these great covers of Super Mario Bros 2 is compatible with the iPad first generation and are priced from 41 € (postage included).

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