Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Apple was denounced by compromising privacy

ip Apple es denunciado por poner en compromiso la privacidad

It was a day filled with outdoor news with the controversy last week about Apple stores at all times our location. First we discussed the alleged email in which Jobs said that information was false. Here, we echoed the malaise in the telecommunications department of the South Korean government, which requested an explanation from Apple.

Now the country of the complaints were not long in coming, and there are already two lawsuits filed by two residents of Tampa (Florida) that refer to the violation of privacy in their iPhones and iPad.

"Apple is basically tracking everyone everywhere they go," said one of the lawyers defending the complainant of Tampa. "Even if you are a policeman and want to do that, you need permission, and Apple has not asked anyone."

The controversy is served.

Source: Bloomberg

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