Saturday, April 30, 2011

RedLaser updates and adds interesting innovations

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In iPhone news we have already spoken RedLaser ever, a free application that allows a fast read barcodes and QR Code that are so fashionable lately to then show a list of products you've scanned price and where you can buy cheaper (to use this feature I recommend changing the currency to euros in the setup menu.)

And thanks to the new update now RedLaser we generate our own QR Code to share our information, contacts, URLs or text (up to 230 characters.)

Version 2.9.4 also added support for multitasking iOS 4 and improved the speed at which the codes are scanned.

312720263 RedLaser se actualiza y añade interesantes novedades RedLaser
Developer: Occipital, LLC
Price: Free (download application)

qrcode RedLaser se actualiza y añade interesantes novedades

Payment applications that are on sale (April 30)

oferta121 Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

New breed of applications that can be downloaded for free or reduced price and supply are:

Battle Golf 3D: EUR 3.99 -> Free!

Golf Battle 3D1 Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

iExposure: € 0.79 -> Free!

iExposure Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Fun with Sepia Photo Effect: EUR 2.39 -> Free!

Photo Fun with Sepia Effect Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Camera FX Pro: 1.59 euros -> Free!

Camera FX Pro Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

An Impossible Game: € 0.79 -> Free!

An Impossible Game Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Call Reminder: EUR 1.59 -> Free!

Call Reminder Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Parking Time: 0.79 euros -> Free!

Parking Time Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

FoodBreaker: € 0.79 -> Free!

FoodBreaker Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Phonebook Avatars: € 0.79 -> Free!

block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; "title =" Phonebook Avatars.jpg "src =" jpg "border =" 0 "alt =" Phonebook Avatars payment applications that are on sale (April 30) "width =" 600 "height =" 441 "/>

Wedding Dash: 2.39 euros -> Free!

Wedding Dash Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Tapper World Tour: EUR 1.59 -> 0.79 euros!

Tapper World Tour Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Auto GPS tweet: EUR 2.39 -> 0.79 euros!

Auto Tweet GPS Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Disc Drivin ': 2.39 euros -> 1.59 euros!

Disc Drivin Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Third Blade: EUR 2.39 -> 1.59 euros!

Third Blade Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Scribblify: € 0.79 -> Free!

Scribblify Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

Photo Measures: EUR 3.99 -> 1.59 euros!

Photo Measures Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

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facebook Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (30 de abril)

/ Pn / Pn Grande',">: remember that the applications and the time they are offering not choose us.

Teach your iPhone! # 17

logo sección ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17 Want to teach your iPhone? Do you have to Jailbreak? Have you installed any visual theme you want to share with us? Do we want to have to use your iPhone? If you want to appear on iPhone News only have to send us your photos and a short description to the email .

We remind you that the pictures we post on the blog also go up to our Facebook profile:

facebook ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Started after the jump!

Andrea Velasco iPhone:

 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Andrea Velasco wanted to teach her beautiful white iPhone 3G which has bought some speakers that simulate the aesthetics of the original headphones, but in size XXL.

The purchase of the iPhone 3G has seen the entry into the world of Apple is that our reader and soon after bought a MacBook Pro with whom she is very happy.

 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Andrés Orellana desktop:

 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Our reader Andrew sent us a curious picture in which we can see his desk full of gadgets on Apple among which we can distinguish three iPhone, iPad and a beautiful iMac with Magic Mouse and Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth.


Jesus Springboard Porra (theme: BlackUPS HD)

springboard1 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Quentin Quentin Springboard:

springboard2 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

spring31 ¡Enséñanos tu iPhone! #17

Thank you very much everyone for your contributions! Since we have already run out of material for future deliveries can not guarantee the continuity of this section so we remind anyone send us detailed pictures appear on the blog. Of course, you can repeat if you send us new things!

In our sister site "News iPad" will also publish a similar section but showing your iPad's!

You know, photos and descriptions to: .

gn: center "> WANT TO SEE YOUR IPHONE!

IPad Games | Illus

Illusia is a game type RPG   that follows the classic premise of this kind of fantasy, in which a young villager dreams of becoming a great warrior. His village is surrounded by a forest populated by fantastical creatures and, while fighting against them to prove their worth discovers an evil magician who threatens the entire world.


Then our brave young man embarks on a journey into the fighting increasingly powerful enemies until you reach the evil wizard and an epic battle to decide the fate of mankind.

This game comes from the hand of Gamevil and is available for both iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad. IOS requires a 3.0 or higher for its operation and is recommended for people of all ages from nine years due to frequent fantasy violence that this game presents.

Rumors of new MacBook Pro

The rumors about the new MacBook Pro already circulating, even when the last litter is no more than two months of existence in the market. Rumors suggest that the next model will have a completely redesigned exterior.

newmacbook-110 208

Various sources indicate that the new MacBook Pro would come in 2012, and its comprehensive overhaul already under production in Quanta, Taiwan.

The last major upgrade to the MacBook Pro was in 2008, when Apple decided to update the line with the construction unibody. This new type of MacBooks will run from a single block of aluminum, allowing Apple to create a very tough exterior composed only of a piece.

Then Apple updated the MacBook Pro line this year, adding ls-end processors from Intel, the Sandy Bridge, and also adding the new port high speed Thunderbolt. But the external design of the new notebooks remained unchanged from that of their predecessors.

Know your IQ Test IQ with Dr Reichel for iPhone

Tests of IQ are a great way to hang out and have fun with our friends, who scores better comparison. An application that allows us to do this within our iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch is the IQ Test Dr Reichel.


While the results of this application are completely reliable, it is important to remember that to obtain accurate and precise results of our CI we consult with a professional, as the official test is carried out over several days to prevent a bad day disruption our results.

This application will allow us to get our CI, measured on a wide range of cognitive areas no more than 45 minutes, and also offers the possibility to test each individually.

The test consists of 70 questions that can be classified into 13 different categories to evaluate our memory, spatial perception and cognition.

Dr. Reichel IQ Test

Rip DVD to iPhone iPad MacX DVD Video Converter Pack

Applications to rip DVD and make copies of security of it in our computer or an external drive to it abound, so it is not difficult to find alternatives. The problem arises when we want to rip a DVD products Apple , since the amount of software dedicated to this is much more limited.


An excellent application that we have on hand to rip DVD from Mac, iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone is MacX iPad iPhone DVD Video Converter Pack. As its name implies, it is also a video converter tool.

On the other hand, when installing the application notice that also offers a number of useful additional features. One is the ability to specify the quality of the video we're going to rip or convert, so as not to unnecessarily stress the memory of our enabled device. We can also rip protected DVDs, transfer videos copied to a crowd of media and many other things.

IPad MacX iPhone DVD Video Converter Pack

Atari Games on iPhone

All were born in the 80's and 90 know well that feeling of nostalgia that brings us to hear about or see videos of Atari, the first home console to be popular worldwide and allowed us to enjoy the best games of the moment the comfort of our home.

Atari en iPad

Now thanks to the developers of Atari's Greatest Hits can enjoy the same games that gave us so much happiness in our childhood from our iPhone , iPod Touch or IPAD , as this application is already in the AppStore, available for download.

The application brings a package of games where you'll find over 100 Atari games to play without limits or restrictions. The good news is that there is a free version of this application, although it is noteworthy that only allow us to play a small selection of the hundreds of games.

IPhone apps of Housing and Rental Housing Value and are free

And free for your iPhone!

Now you can enjoy on your iPhone applications Housing and Rental Housing Value at no cost . In addition, soon will a new version of Value Housing improvements and new additions that will allow you to evaluate a particular property.

instituto valoraciones

These applications made by a rating Society Approved by the Bank of Spain, Instituto de Valores, SA, will let you know the price per square meter where you are, whether for sale or for purchase. As the objective of this company's evaluation of all types of movable and immovable property.

This is possible thanks to geolocation the iPhone, which will allow these applications to find a maximum radius of 1.5 kilometers every home values ​​in the database they have.


In addition we calculated the average square meter of the area you choose, you can see a map of the area with the location of housing values ​​that have applied for their calculation.