Monday, February 28, 2011

theChanner: the social Internet TV

theChanner is a free application that allows us to watch TV via the Internet, well, not all channels, but if all that broadcast over the Internet, so do not just limit ourselves to the community, but we can see TV networks worldwide.

The application allows us to use multiple filters to find the channels you want to see, and by country or language, thus having easy access to those of our own. In Spain, we find chains like La Sexta Antena 3, TV1, Teledeporte, Telemadrid, Barcelona TV, among many others.

In addition, the social aspect will allow us to leave comments, post on Facebook or twittering while we watch the channel it is.

Now even the people of Valencia who have remained with no sign of TV3, the channel will see Treves of this application.

The application is universal, so it works both on the iPhone / iPod Touch as the iPad.

Available: App Store
Price: Free

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"We want an iPhone for everyone, not just for the rich"

With that phrase Tim Cook, Apple's CFO, has made clear that the company wants the iPhone reaches around the world as the iPod did in its day. Cook admits that they have been trying to do that this occurs through agreements with companies to sell prepaid phone, but at the moment is somewhat complicated due to its cost.

A few weeks ago the possibility was rumored that Apple was working on a device smaller than lower costs and that could be sold at attractive prices, so this coupled with recent statements by Tim Cook can make us think that Apple is trying to do iPhone more affordable for every budget, especially without large attachments that force you to sign big contracts remained.

Reality or just a dream? Only time will tell, but if true, sure many (in total disagreement with the signing of bonds and contracts), I appreciate this decision.


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Play guitar with the Paco de Lucia in Classical Guitar

If Camarón de la Isla raise his head and saw far has been able to get the technology!

As you know, there are many applications for iPad or iPhone to play instruments, but few that can find free and faithfully reproduce the sound of Spanish guitar. Classic Guitar just landed in the App Store makes barely a day and already success has become the number of downloads occupying one of the league table of free applications for iPad.

The part I like the Classic Guitar is the possibility that we can put the instrument for lefties (at last we have in mind for something) and perhaps the feature I like is that they can record what we played in it.

The guitar virtuoso (and those who are not so much) and has a distraction to exploit Apple's tablet as a musical instrument.

Available: App Store
Price: Free

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Apple in Spain opens a job located in Leganés

centro parquesur 0003 img Apple en España abre una oferta de trabajo situada en Leganés

Apple has started a process of selection of employees for its stores in Madrid. The most curious of all is that cited postal code corresponds to the location of the mall Parquesur in Leganés, Madrid. Therefore, Apple is planning to open a new store in the capital Madrid in the coming months.

This would be the third store in Madrid after the Xanadu existing and being prepared in the heart of the capital, in the Puerta del Sol

The Vice President of Industrial Design Apple could leave his post

jony ive big El Vicepresidente de Diseño Industrial de Apple podría abandonar su puesto

Although not officially confirmed, it seems Jonathan Ive, VP of Industrial Design at Apple, wants to return to his native country, England. Several friends had been confirmed and, in fact, is not the first time Ive thought about going back to Europe.

Obviously, Apple will be pushing for not leaving his post, which is of vital importance to the company and the management committee, especially now with the lack of Jobs. The truth is that Jonathan Ive could not perform their daily living functions from England and, according to The Sunday Times, Apple would seek replacement for his position.

Want to know how much I've won after their last treatment? After the jump.

In its latest deal with Apple, Jonathan Ive raked in $ 30 million to renew his contract. Now he is in the process of renegotiation and the Cupertino company could increase this amount to convince one of its most important leaders.

If you finally decide to leave his post, Apple lost another of its major signings.

Tim Cook, "do not want to be just for the rich"

apple coo tim cook Tim Cook, no quereremos ser solo para los ricos

Tim Cook, who temporarily assumed the post of Steve Jobs at Apple, has made some interesting statements this morning during an interview. Apparently, Apple is working on cheaper end products, since according to Cook, "we do not want to be just for the rich" and Apple "does not give any kind of market competition."

Later in the interview, he reaffirmed the fact that Apple is working to offer cheaper products, but has not specified which ones. Is he talking about the famous lower-cost iPhone?.

Source: 9to5Mac

World of Goo coming to the iPhone

WorldOfGooIphone World of Goo llegará al iPhone

It's official. Following the success of the version of the iPad, the developer 2D Boy have confirmed that World of Goo will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

For those who do not know World of Goo, here are a trailer that perfectly sums up the essence of this addictive game:

Click here to view video

The only complaint we ascribe to this version of the game is that due to the smaller screen that has the iPhone will have to constantly use the gesture to zoom.

As the release date still have no concrete information but 2D Boy expected to take place "sometime in March." We will be attentive to any news.

Source: Touch Arcade

Playing the PS3 from any device iOS

Click here to view video

First of all, notice that the video you have just seen is not a fake but a system devised by some hackers that lets users play titles for the PlayStation 3 (soon also the XBOX 360) directly to any IOS devices ( iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Apparently, this system works similarly to the ON LIVE service even from your own home, that is, the video output of the PS3 is redirected to the IOS device and control system is sent from the device to the console iOS Sony.

Of course, this project is still in beta and has to polish important issues such as lag or some slowdowns. Even with that, it is impressive to see on the screen of an iPhone to God of War III in all its glory.

Source: Kotaku

The aim of the 4.3 release includes iOS

Captura de pantalla 2011 02 28 a las 13.08.34 El objetivo de la liberación incluye iOS 4.3

MuscleNerd twitter just published in more news about the release of the iPhone 4.

Confirms that we are working on Ultrasn0w, and that its next version release all basebands including IOS baseband 4.3b3, which we hope will be the same as the final version.

With these data we can almost ensure that the release will come with the jailbreak of iOS 4.3, we expect this soon.

Facebreaker is already compatible with IOS 4.2.1 (Cydia)

48491 500 Facebreak ya es compatible con iOS 4.2.1 (Cydia)

Facebreaker is a modification that can make and receive calls over 3G FaceTime

Has just been updated adding support with IOS and IOS 4.2.1 4.2.6 (Verizon), this new version also uses much less memory, as 70% less.

You can download it for $ 1.49 in Cydia.

You need to be jailbroken.

Payment applications that are on sale (28 February)

oferta121 Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

New breed of applications that can be downloaded for free or reduced price and supply are:

LetsTans Deluxe: EUR 2.39 -> Free!

LetsTans Deluxe Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Gummy Bears 2: Attack of the Cones!: € 0.79 -> Free!

Gummy Bears 2 Attack of the Cones Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Doodle Tweet: € 0.79 -> Free!

Doodle Tweet Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Pizza Fighter: € 0.79 -> Free!

Pizza Fighter Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Robin Jump: € 0.79 -> Free!

Robin Jump Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

EasyWeb: € 0.79 -> Free!

EasyWeb Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Lupin Thief!: 1.59 euros -> Free!

Thief Lupin Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Stupid Zombies: € 0.79 -> Free!

Stupid Zombies Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Mech War: EUR 2.39 -> 0.79 euros!

margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; "title =" Mech war.jpg "src =" " border = "0" alt = "War Mech payment applications that are on sale (28 February)" width = "480" height = "319" />

Spawn Illuminati HD (Art, Fireworks and Light-Show): EUR 1.59 -> 0.79 euros!

Spawn Illuminati HD Art Fireworks and Light Show Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Powerful Camera: EUR 2.39 -> 1.59 euros!

Powerful Camera Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Join our Facebook community by clicking on the image below!

facebook Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (28 de febrero)

Note: remember that the applications and the time they are offering not choose us.

Update on the release of 03.10.2001 and 10.02.2004 baseband of the iPhone 4

Screen shot 2011 02 27 at 5.44.17 PM Novedades sobre la liberación de las baseband 3.10.01 y 2.10.04 del iPhone 4

It appears that definitely will iOS 4.3 the hand to bring the latest release of the iPhone baseband 4 that many are you expecting.

Hasim Sharif replied to a twitter user that has a saying about the two functional exploit basebands the latest iPhone, and although it says nothing about possible departure date can confirm the rumors that are already for the latest release and are basebands iOS waiting for the release of 4.3 for launch.

So it might be available in a couple of weeks from now, given that the launch of iOS 4.3 has many possibilities for the March 2 and that the jailbreak this firmware can be ready.

You really can not make an Apple iPhone 4 white?

whiteheaderipad1 670x5021 ¿De verdad Apple no puede fabricar un iPhone 4 blanco?

If anyone still believed that Apple was not able to produce a 4 white iPhone, here's an image that Prove Otherwise, this is the future of filtration digitizer iPad 2 blank.

Apparently the next iPad will be available in this color, but if you have a white iPad within 2 days, Apple released the iPhone also target your next presentation?

What then are the real reasons that Apple launched the iPhone 4 in this color? Is waiting for the iPhone 5? "It's just marketing? I certainly do not understand.

If you want to be aware of all the news and rumors of upcoming iPad we recommend that you go by news iPad.

IPhone Application Jourist

Jourist is an iPhone application that assists us when we try to look in a foreign language.


The program has a unique learning method in order to achieve the best results in terms of mastery of language. This tutorial serves as an ideal resource intensive way to memorize key phrases before a trip abroad.

The learning system works as teaching a series of images on file. It is also used self-assessment method, namely that we ourselves will determine whether the sentences effectively remember we are trying to retain.

The application has nine years in total and also has a database of 24 languages including the two versions of English (British and American), German, French, Czech, Russian, Greek, Hebrew and many others. In addition, the software undergoes constant updates, so that the number of available languages is constantly increasing.

The price is 7.99 euros.