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12 days Apple Gift (Day 6): "A Holiday Gift For You", Michael Bublé

mzi.rpjhbcec.170x170 75 12 días de regalos de Apple (Día 6): “A Holiday Gift For You, Michael Bublé

Apple pulled the house out the window and in its sixth day gifts for iTunes Store users in Spain gives an EP. This time the album is "A Holiday Gifre For You" with four songs performed by the artist Michael Bublé.

I have ye remember 24 hours to download the EP as from tomorrow only can get paid. The EP includes the following songs:

1. Feeling Good (Live from Madison Square Garden).

2. Everything (live).

3. Mack the Knife

4. Orange Colored Sky.

Users will receive a movie like "12 Days of Gifts"

Yesterday I conducted a survey of iPhone news readers wondering if you were in line with the gifts that Apple was offering in his "12 days of gifts from Apple." In the next picture you can see the results (Total votes: 864):

encuesta A los usuarios les gustaría recibir una película en los 12 Días de Regalos

"Other" responses that have contributed most is that I wish Apple gave us a browser or the last day we could choose anything from iTunes Store.

Skype is banned in China

skype china 090519 mn Skype ha sido prohibido en China

It seems that the Chinese government did not like the idea of the company to offer Skype video calls between mobile phones and computers and now has issued a law banning the use of Skype. Thus, the Chinese government ensures that all video calls telephone companies go through the country.

Another major setback for Skype yesterday, finally enabled the video call between users and computers to iPhone 4. The Chinese continue to face restrictions from your government and this initiative are joined by others as not being able to use social networks (or Facebook, or Twitter) and new restrictions with Google.

Source: 20Minutos

"Angry birds", analyzed by a psychologist

angry birds2 Angry birds, analizado por un psicólogo

A psychologist at the University of San Francisco (USA) has analyzed the game "Angry Birds" and explained why it is so addictive. According to the expert, the game's presentation and gameplay are the first two strengths of the application that has been so successful for the iPhone.

Not only that, but the expert explained that the game is so addictive because it uses the same mechanism of slot machines.

According to article 20 Minutes to talk about this topic: "It becomes addictive because it gives the false impression that a better person. But you are improving something wrong, you just become an expert in a damn game. "

A cover that measures heart rate

This is the idea that has been patented and will launch a U.S. doctor in the coming months. This is a cover that fits the iPhone 4 and taking our pulse through a previously installed application on your terminal. Ideal for those patients who need cardiac monitoring daily.

The invention will cost about $ 100 and to become an indispensable tool in modern medicine.

Again, the iPhone 4 and a brilliant mind to surprise us again.

Click here to view video

Apple is reported by sending information through applications

iad logo Apple es denunciada por mandar información a través de aplicaciones

Took to get this news after birth out that Apple and a number of applications sent our private information without our consent to advertisers to collect more information for each user and can send more effective campaigns. Our applications are spying on us.

These applications have even to send our political ideas, location, age, sexual preferences, user name and password without us to give consent.

News From iPhone will be attentive to the implications of this lawsuit so important and you will learn all the details.

The failure of the iPhone antenna, technological worst mistake of the year

t1larg.iphone4.grip  El fallo de la antena del iPhone, peor error tecnológico del año

According to the U.S. television network, CNN, the failure of the iPhone antenna 4 has been the greatest technological error of the year. CNN summarizes the moments of this history: the discovery of the problem, denial of failure to acknowledge that Apple, Apple's surrender and the distribution of free bags. Months later, the problem seems to have been forgotten.

This list included other major gaffes like Facebook security flaws, the failure of Google and Nexus One Buzz.

But that's not all, Apple is ranked number 10 by the failure of its network in iTunes: Ping.

Happy 2011!

On behalf of the entire team of writers iPhone News: Happy 2011!

2011 ¡Feliz 2011! Thanks for following another year and all followers of the Podcast.

Have fun tonight!

[Cydia] RetinaPad iPad is updated to Version 1.1


RetinaPad allows better visualization of the iPhone native applications in your iPad. A tweak imperative that you upgrade to version 1.1 in Cydia.

If you are hesitating to jailbreak your iPad, or leave them as they come from the factory, perhaps this iPad application of the push to you who decide.

RetinaPad This is one of the best tweaks at their disposal the iPad with Jailbreak .

Everyone knows what they look like the iPhone-only applications on our iPad , especially if you use the 2x mode, making the application tap the screen most of the iPad. The result is often simply a zoom that causes your screen pixels tablet.


RetinaPad advantage of iPhone applications are designed in a resolution supported by the Retina Display, to select the mode in the iPad, getting pixelation disappears almost completely, and if not fully occupied because iPad screen (there are still some small ridges in black), would be difficult to distinguish from an application designed to iPad.


Ryan Petrich, RetinaPad developer, brings us an update where developments are a substantial improvement in 1x mode and the memory of how we want each of our applications, if iPhone size 1x or 2x iPad size.

In the pictures you can see the substantial improvement of quality in 2x mode images with and without RetinaPad.


So if you want to enjoy successful applications that have not yet made the leap to iPad as Facebook, or Strands, and you will not see them in a resolution of the last century RetinaPad is your application.

Do you have to Jailbreak your iPad? "You use RetinaPad?

IPad RetinaPad application is now available on Cydia Store at a price of $ 1.99

Cydia is updated to correct minor errors

Has come to light another version of Cydia compatible with all devices, and as happened last time, not updated since the program itself. We talked about the version 1.0.3366.7, which fixes several bugs from the previous version.

The. Deb can download it here , and install it all you have to do is connect by SSH and place the file in the path / private / var / root / Media / Cydia / AutoInstall. If you do not have the last two folders are create case-sensitive.

Having done this, press the lock button until we leave the option to turn off, proceed to turn it off, and turning on the power again.

Back in the dashboard, enter Cydia and check from their home page, bottom, the downloaded version is the one that marks the program itself.

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Payment applications that are on sale (31 December)

oferta125 Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

New breed of applications that can be downloaded for free or reduced price and supply are:

Smart Password: EUR 0.79 -> Free!

Smart Password Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

Lighty - Flashlight for iPhone 4: 1.59 euros -> Free!

Lighty Flashlight for iPhone 4 Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

BatteryPro +: EUR 2.39 -> 0.79 euros!

BatteryPro+ Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

My Reminder: EUR 1.59 -> Free!

My Reminder Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

FireCraft: € 0.79 -> Free!

FireCraft Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

PhoneWrath Pie Fight: EUR 1.59 -> Free!

PhoneWrath Pie Fight Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

RunKeeper Pro: EUR 7.99 -> Free!

RunKeeper Pro Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

Email'nDrive: EUR 7.99 -> Free!

EmailnDrive Aplicaciones de pago que están de oferta (31 de diciembre)

'Lucida Grande'; "> Note: remember that the applications and the time they are offering not choose us.

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New version of Redsn0w for untethered IOS jailbreak 4.2.1 (Mac)

tumblr le256juuUp1qzn9o2 Nueva versión de Redsn0w para el jailbreak untethered de iOS 4.2.1 (Mac)

Redsn0w The fourth beta of 0.9.7 is now available to jailbreak 4.2.1 IOS untethered.

You no longer need intalar usbmux or run anything in Terminal, Bluetooth still not working. It remains for iPhone 4, iPad Touch iPod 4G.

If you've used any previous beta restoration is recommended to clean before using this new Redsn0w.

You can download it here .

You can follow this tutorial but nothing extra to install or run anything in Terminal (ie, from step 7 onwards).

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Premium TwisTouch iPad: A simple but challenging game


For the iPad many games of skill in the App Store , but we rarely find one that puts us both at trial and as amusing as TwisTouch Premium.


TwisTouch Premium is one of the few games that have, to date, a challenge for the player. And if there are few games that get this, there is less to get us also have a good time.

The game presents a very simple mechanical: it takes the lights to their respective colors. Simple, right? Yes, this is in the early stages, but things get complicated (and quite) as we move screen after screen. Rocks "untouchables" panels that can only be traversed by the light color and continuous headache in the middle we will solve for the shortest possible time.


Premium In TiwsTouch have several types of play, each one according to what we will warm your head and how long we want to. We have "Frenetic Mode and Arcade Mode" where we have to exceed the levels in certain time, and if we fail, we will begin. If you do not like going overwhelmed, you can play in the levels of puzzle that, while not overwhelming by the time they are real headaches, and not by the complexity of "how to get it up there" (also), but the "I have so many fingers" or "I have big hands." In fact, there are times when our iPad is the spitting image of the classic game "Twister."


If you want to try before you buy, has a free version with fewer levels of puzzle. So if you like those games thinking, not what you think, TwisTouch Premium is your game. An addictive, challenging and time you want to give.

And you, what do you think of TwisTouch Premium? "We are testing so complicated puzzle?

We remind you that you can already find TwisTouch Premium in the App Store at a price of 0.79 €

Kings Charter: Application iPad Christmas for kids


The smallest of the house enjoy the Kings Charter implementation Christmas. Through the iPad still time to order your gifts.

The kids go these days finalizing letters to their Majesties the Kings Men.

Surely with this application for iPad going to have a fun time helping to write all the wishes they have for their majesties.


Kings Charter is a nice application, with some very funny illustrations that will delight children.

They can put their name if they have behaved well or ill, the gifts they would like to receive, and then send the letter to the East. And all from your iPad ... so the Kings will get faster ;-)


Have you already sent your letter to Santa? How many iPad will have requested this year?

Application Kings Charter now available in the App Store for free.

Download App Store | Kings Charter iPad

Kings Charter - Luis Torrico

Thursday, December 30, 2010

CP3K: Entertaining Nike promotional game

CP3K is a Nike promotional game, their running shoes Jordan, but the truth, to be a free game of this nature is quite entertaining.

In it, we must get beyond the levels as quickly as possible, having to avoid obstacles, jump or use accelerators time we met.

There are 9 levels available, but once overcome each of them, we replay competing against our own shadow.

The game is universal, so we can play both iPhone / iPod Touch, as iPad.

Available: App Store
Price: Free



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