Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get to a photo of your contacts in the SMS

Although we all know that Apple's iPhone is like a Swiss Army knife (we can use for almost everything), there are certain details that have been left Cupertino forgotten in the trunk of memories. Might be the case contact photo in the style SMS iChat.

But why are the developers, to bring us everything that we could miss our phone. With ChatPic can view the photos of the contacts on the agenda have included image. In this way, we get a glance to know who is writing the SMS.

The application is available in Cydia at a price of $ 0.99.

Available: Cydia

Price: $ 0.99

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[Video] Jailbreak and animated wallpapers iPad


Are you bored of wallpapers static for iPad ? The jailbreak allows , thanks to a new tweak called vWallpaper, put a video as wallpaper on the tablet of Cupertino.

Thus, the wallpaper of our iPad and will never be bored and / or monotonous:

Watch video on YouTube

As I have said earlier, lets tweak in question is called vWallpaper these fancy stuff and makes it possible to fund any video display adapted to the iPad.

Did you like the wallpaper you used in the video? Download it from here .

I already tried something like this on the iPhone and the truth is that animated wallpapers and consume resources tired of cute ... But no harm in trying. :-)

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[OFF-TOPIC] Manifesto for Neutral Red

The debate over a neutral network is very hot these days and could not be for less, in Spain, a group of politicians in power with very little knowledge and threaten long-term vision to end it to accommodate the interests of a few large companies ...


Citizens and businesses using Internet text attached to this state:

  1. Internet is a Neutral Red by design, from its inception to its current implementation, in which information flows freely, without discrimination based on origin, destination, protocol, or content.
  2. That businesses, entrepreneurs and Internet users have been able to create services and products in the Neutral Red without authorization or prior agreements, resulting in a virtually non-existent barrier to entry has allowed the explosion of creativity, innovation and service that defines the current network status.
  3. All users, entrepreneurs and Internet companies have been able to define and offer their services on an equal footing taking the concept of competition to an extent previously unknown.
  4. Internet is the vehicle of free speech, freedom of information and most important social development which have citizens and businesses. His nature must not be jeopardized in any way.
  5. In order to bring the Neutral Network operators must carry packets of data in a neutral manner without being a "customs" of traffic and no advantage or disadvantage to some content over others.
  6. That traffic management in specific situations and exceptional network overload should be undertaken in a transparent manner according to standard criteria of public interest and non-discriminatory and non-commercial.
  7. That restriction outstanding traffic by operators can not become a sustainable alternative to network investment.
  8. Neutral Red that this is threatened by operators interested in reaching commercial agreements which favors or degrade the content according to their relationship with the operator.
  9. Some market participants want to "redefine" the Neutral Red to be handled in accordance with their interests, and that claim must be avoided, the definition of the fundamental rules of operation of the Internet should be based on the interest of those who use it, not those the supply.
  10. That the response to this threat to the network will not be inaction, doing nothing amounts to allowing private interests to conduct de facto practices affecting citizens' fundamental freedoms and the ability of firms to compete on equal conditions.
  11. It is necessary and urgent urge the Government to protect a clear and unambiguous Neutral Network, in order to protect the value of Internet towards developing a more productive, modern, efficient and free of interference and interferences. This requires that any motion to approve inextricably linking the definition of Neutral Red in the content of future legislation that promotes and does not condition its application to issues that have little to do with it.

The Neutral Red is a clearly defined concept in academia, where it stirs debate: citizens and businesses have the right to traffic received or generated data is not manipulated, distorted, impeded, diverted or delayed in accordance with priority the type of content, protocol or application used, the origin or destination of the communication or any other circumstances unrelated to their will. That traffic is treated as a private communication and only under court order may be monitored, traced, stored or analyzed in its content, such as private correspondence that it really is.

Europe and Spain in particular, are in the midst of an economic crisis so important to force the reversal of its production model, and better use of the creativity of its citizens. Neutral Network is crucial to preserve an ecosystem that encourages competition and innovation for the creation of numerous products and services that are to invent and discover. The ability to worknetworking, collaborative manner, and connected markets, will affect all sectors and all companies in our country, making the Internet a key factor in our current and future economic and social development, largely determining the level country's competitiveness. Hence our deep concern for the preservation of the Neutral Network. We therefore urge the Spanish Government urgently to be proactive in the European context and to legislate in a clear and unambiguous in this regard.

If you feel represented by this manifesto strongly urge you copy it and post it to your blog or mention it in your account Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #redneutral . Thank you!

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Fivepoint Gloves: The gloves against the cold compatible with IPAD

Want to use your iPad on the ski slopes this winter and stay warm on your fingers? If the answer is yes, IPAD FivePoint gloves are the solution.


Until now, it was impossible to use the iPad in winter because you were frozen fingers. This was a rather limiting to use your tablet on the outside of the gloves Fivepoint Etre company, located in the United Kingdom, have seen the light.

Fivepoint gloves offer the possibility of capacitive touch screens used in cold climates. These blue gloves with the fingertips of gray, not only will keep your hands warm and dry, but also allow you to use your iPad when you're out and cold weather.

Designed especially etre, with this attachment you can use capacitive screens, which do not allow other gloves as the carrying capacity of your fingers is useless to use them, having to take them off and get cold. In case you use mittens (gloves "no fingers"), you can use your tablet well and spend less cold but also will freeze the fingertips.

When you're away from home, you can now use your iPad without having cold fingers. These gloves are the perfect complement to your winter wardrobe and an interesting accessory for iPad , you can buy in etreshop for £ 24.99 (approx. € 29.85).

Apple has already selected the manufacturer of the camera objective of the IPAD 2

Apple has already selected a component manufacturer to mass produce the camera lens of the next generation of iPad, the iPad 2 .


The company in question (Largan Precision) which manufactures and camera lenses iPhone 4 rear, has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.

"Largan Precision has decline to comment on market Rumors Indicating the Company Will Be the sole lens module supplier for Apple's upcoming iPad 2 tablet with shipments to kick off in the first quarter of 2011, According To a company filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE ). "

We do not know how many cameras will the future iPad 2 , so if you do know that it is becoming increasingly close ...

Do not miss the other news related to the iPad 2 !

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Gameloft Christmas begins his campaign with daily direct gifts

Tomorrow begins the month of Christmas and with it come the candies, Christmas meals and ... Gifts! Gameloft does not want to miss these dates as indicated without the odd present to his followers.

So they have created a campaign in which each day of the month, to 24, receive free games, extra content, discounts, exclusive items and articles that any gamer would be grateful.

Do not you have to participate, it is not a contest. Just for being a follower of Gameloft in Twitter, you will receive daily direct links with which you can download your gift. Also, if you do not miss a single day of special calendar, you may be able to bring some surprises, even without disclosing.

For more information on how to sign up for Twitter or how to add, you can stop by the blog of Gameloft.



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Infinity Blade will be available on December 9

Infinity Blade , the great game powered by the Unreal Engine, has a date of exit from the App Store will be on 9 December at a price of $ 5.99.

And we know that is universal, so it will work with all available devices, including the iPad.

You can see three more pictures after the jump.


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ScrollingBoard: Scroll to the dock and folders

ScrollingBoard is a tweak that gives us the ability to scroll both at the dock, such as folders, enabling us to have many more icons than normal.

In addition, the configuration options are extensive, both the dock and folders.

Available: Cydia Store
Price: $ 1.49

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Game Center changed its terms and conditions of use

Game Center If you have opened recently, I have noticed that Apple has decided to change the terms and conditions of use subject to this product, taking you back to accept them again.

We know that no one actually read the paragraphs that show, but to summarize, the main novelty is that when you receive a friend request, see also the nickname, the name of the person.

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