Sunday, October 31, 2010

Download VLC before it's too late

Screen shot 2010 10 31 at 20.54.55 Descarga VLC antes de que sea tarde

If you have not downloaded VLC Media Player for the iPhone or IPAD, now is the time, and may soon be removed from the App Store as we told yesterday . One of the VLC project partners, Rémi - Denis Courmont has filed a formal complaint could be withdrawn by Apple very soon.

VLC Media Player is a free open source software GNU General Public License (also known as GPL). These words are inconsistent with the rules for use of products through the Apple App Store. Denis - Courmont said applying DRM App Store, Apple is violating the GNU General Public License (GPL). Although the application can be downloaded free of charge, each copy is tied to a specific user account when you download, and like any other application of IOS, you can not copy from one device to another. However, the GPL requires that any software using that license, and any derivative work may be freely copied and distributed.

Despite the complaint, the official site of VideoLan VLC supports the implementation of IOS, so we recommend you download it while you can, is one of the best players for most formats is in the App Store, and it's free.

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The Halloween iCalabaza

5131146113 b8204133c1 b La iCalabaza de Halloween

IPhone News wishes you a Happy Halloween to all, and if you are going to dress up tonight iPhone (like the guy who I taught them a few days) you can always make you a pumpkin with the Apple logo to place on your desk this evening.

Yes, a little nerdy, but if you have a piece Cinema Display with a Magic Mouse and Trackpad Magic, as he has done this craft is that you're a little freaky.


Baseball Superstars 2011 announced: ingame videos and trailers available

Like every year, Gamevil is about to launch the new version of Baseball Superstars , being the third edition iPhone. For now, have posted a trailer quite "fantastic" and an ingame video in which we can see several d elas improvements in this new version.

For those who do not know, the game is a kind of cross between an arcade baseball game and a rpg, which will have to evolve to our player, and buying new items that will enhance our private skills.

I personally do not like baseball (or rather do not get in Spain for not having the culture of the sport), but the game, year after year, the iPhone has hooked me for many hours.

Here's the ingame video:

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Discount Halloween Proporta accessories

halloween 2010 voucher ES Descuentos por Halloween en los accesorios de Proporta

Only during the day can get any of the Proporta accessories: cases, protectors, boots ... with a 15% discount for being Halloween.

So if you need a quality case this is your chance. Do not forget to use your code realicéis TrickorTreat when asked to apply the discount.

Proporta Official Website


[Halloween Special] payment Games

If the other day we published a list of several free games related to Halloween, the Halloween Special today, will do the same but with games for payment.

List after the jump.

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Lonely Planet San Francisco, Hong Kong and New York for a limited time free

If you have intention to travel to any of these three countries soon, perhaps you might be interested Unload travel guides people Lonely Planet for iPhone, as they are limited time to 0 €.

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Can an application be rejected only contain the word "gay"?

apple might starting cencoring gay 414x314 ¿Puede una aplicación ser rechazada solo por contener la palabra gay?

A few months ago appeared on the AppStore Jack'd application, a network dedicated exclusively to the gay community. The application was approved and has been available for several weeks until a few days ago has been removed from the store.

The developer requested an explanation from Apple and the reason is that many of the images left by users are sexually explicit and not fit with Apple's policy. The developer gave the reason Apple went to work in an update allows you to block users who post photos "unfit."

When going to present this update, surprise, i Tunes Connect displays a message (shown in the picture above) which says that the application could be rejected because it contains the word is not recommended: "gay."

The issue is causing a scandal, as the developer accused Apple of "homophobia", but in reality these terms imply non-approval if they appear in the description in order to avoid insulting phrases also descriptions of applications in the App Store.

If you make a gay network, how describe it without using the word gay?


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Halloween special discount Proporta accessories

If you have in mind to buy one of Proporta's different products, you can take today (October 31) to do so since the occasion of the celebration of Halloween, offer a 15% discount on all products.

To access them, you only have to enter TrickorTreat code when ordering and logic controller will see the discount reflected.

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Facebook Application "iPad on the way?

The truth is that long since the departure of the iPad the market, but still no trace of an application for Facebook, not even a universal right update now available for iPhone.

It is clear that sooner or later has to come and perhaps sooner than you think.

Facebook is sending invitations to an event on November 3, citing the press for something akin to a "Mobile Event." Of course it need not be anything related to iPad, but do not be so crazy announced native application.

Perhaps intending to announce the rumored mobile Facebook or some new service ... In three days we'll know.

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Evil Dead: The Game coming soon for iPhone

Evil Dead, one of the classic horror film by Sam Raimi dirigina is about to appear as an iPhone game.

For now, we can see a trailer in which the characters recall Minigore style, showing scenes quite faithful to the film.

A failure to do something ingame and taking into account the style of the film, I can imagine something like the aforementioned Minigore. Still, it's just an opinion of mine, so we'll have to wait for that show something else.

You can watch the trailer after the jump.


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